Age Appropriate Chores

Children can help with chores around the house at nearly any age. Below is a list of chores broken down by age appropriateness. This list gives some good insight on how much responsibility you can bestow on your children as they get older. Can’t get your children to comply and do chores? Create a chore chart for them where they can earn rewards/an allowance for completion; I have also attached a link for chore chart ideas.

Tips for chore completion:

1. Start out with a short list, maybe 3-4 small tasks if your child is resistant to doing their chores. As they get into a good habit, more chores, or a bigger chore can be added to the list in place of the small tasks.

2. Let them be a part of deciding what chores are added to their list. This gives them a sense of independence. Just remember, you are still in charge as the parent, so let them know what their choices are; try not to make it open ended

3. Also let them be a part of decided what rewards they can earn when their chores are completed

Age appropriate chore lists:


Chore chart ideas:

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