Jack-o-Happy: Circle Time Activity


Paint or color 7 paper plates orange.  Draw jack-o-lantern faces with a black marker, one on each orange circle.  Draw the faces to be happy, sad, sleepy, mad, puzzle pieces, tiny, and silly.  Glue the circles to the paper plates and attach tongue depressors.  At circle time say the following poem and have the children hold up the jack-o-faces.

I am Jack-o-Happy

I am Jack-o-Sad

I am Jack-o-Sleepy

I am Jack-o-Mad

I am Jack-o-Pieces

I am Jack-o-Tiny

I am Jack-o-Silly

The Best of Them All

This is a wonderful activity for talking about emotions and matching facial cues! Kids will also love the repeating poem! Try mixing the order for a surprise!