Parenting Positive Parenting is just as it sounds! It is parenting your child by using positive communication methods. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

  • Remember that all behavior (positive and negative) is a form of communication. It is our job as parents to investigate what need our child is attempting to communicate.
  • Never punish your child for their feelings. As stated before, behavior is communication. Young children are still learning to regulate their emotions, so minor things that adults can roll off their backs seem like the end of the world to a toddler. Instead of saying something like, “Stop crying, you’re alright,” investigate and say, “I’m sorry that happened, do you need a hug?”
  • Validate your child’s efforts. In other words, catch them doing good. The more we praise our children for their good behavior, the more we will see that behavior. Ultimately, children just want our attention and will do anything to get it, good or bad. Try ignoring the minor, irritating behaviors as long as the child is safe.
  • Structure their environment. Ever feel like a broken record saying, “Stop. Don’t touch that. Don’t go in there…?” Trying structuring their environment by keeping things out of reach that they aren’t allowed to touch. If you don’t want them near it/touching it, don’t make it accessible to them.
  • To piggyback off of that last tip, tell them exactly what they are allowed to do. Again, we as parents may sound like a broken record saying, “Don’t,” and “Stop.” Try changing your language and tell your child what they ARE allowed to do instead of what they AREN’T allowed to do. If a child is constantly told what not to do, they may stop that behavior, but they still don’t know what they can do, and therefore may still unintentionally misbehave. Clear and concise instruction works best.