Special Showings for Special Needs

The Promise Resource Center has partnered with R/C Theaters Lexington Exchange to provide Special Showings for Special Needs, bringing sensory-friendly movie showings to southern Maryland.  Southern Maryland has a large community of families with  members who have special needs. Many of these families are unable to attend a regular movie screening because of sensory issues such as light and sound sensitivity, trouble sitting still or staying quiet. During these Special Showings, the sound will be turned down, the lights will be turned up, and parents and caregivers can bring snacks and drinks for those who have dietary restrictions. The Special Showings are also a great opportunity for parents to bring young children who may not be ready to sit still and stay quiet for a long period of time! Guests do not have to have special needs or sensitivities to attend!  Guests can feel free to sing, cry, shout, or dance in a comfortable, judgement-free zone!

*The Special Showings are now available on Saturday mornings for families who have children in school and caregivers who work during the week!*

The showings will go on at 10am on the Tuesday and Saturday of the 3rd week of the month. The next showings will feature the film “Storks” on Tuesday, October 11th and Saturday, October 15th .  Visit for the current showing schedule through December!

Please call 301-290-0040 or email if you belong to a group larger than 5 attendees to let us know you will be attending!