Olympic Art Activity: Olympic Torch

Olympic competitions offer many great lessons to teach young children about sportsmanship! Tonight, all of the Olympic athletes will gather in Rio for the opening ceremonies. There, a burning torch that was originally lit in Greece earlier this year, will be run through the crowd to signal the beginning of the games. To make your very own torch with just a few supplies, follow the instructions below! Kids will work on some gentle fine motor skills when gently wrapping tin foil around an object without tearing it and using tape to secure it. Working with thin tissue paper is also a great way for kids to learn the value of being gentle!


Paper towel roll (or 2 toilet paper rolls taped together)
Sheet of tin foil
Clear tape
Red, orange, and yellow tissue paper


Tape your toilet paper rolls together end to end or get your paper towel roll ready.


Start by wrapping a sheet of tin foil around the cardboard tube. Tuck the end pieces into the holes at either end and use clear tape to hold it on the tube.


Take your 3 sheets of tissue paper and grab the center of each sheet as if you were going to put them into a gift bag. Twist the center pieces together so they will fit into the top of the tissue roll.


Stuff the centers of each sheet into the tube and you have created your very own Olympic torch! IMG_0657


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