You Are Enough!

By this time in quarantine, I bet a lot of you have seen enough of your family’s faces. I’m also sure you are feeling some guilt about having enough of being at home nonstop with your families. This. Is. Normal. Our society has us programmed to work 40+ hours a week where we only have a 2-3 hour window with our families a day during the week, before we’re off to bed just to do it again the next day. Now it’s full time stuck at home with these wonderful people you love (just reminding you how much you love your family 😉 ).

This time at home with our families is not all fun filled magical quality time either. You’re suddenly a full time parent/teacher/housekeeper/gourmet chef and you’ve just been thrown into it for the last three months. I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE DOING MORE THAN ENOUGH. You only got one hour (maybe) of schoolwork done with your kids today? Awesome! You did the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for 3 days? Way to go!! Social media has been pressuring us to take up a language, a new hobby, start projects, etc. during quarantine because we have all this “free time.” Remember social media is a highlight reel. Some of us are out here just surviving day to day, and that is okay.

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