3 Item Crafts

Colorful Butterflies

Use coffee filters, food coloring, and pipe cleaners to create colorful butterflies. Open the coffee filter, drop some food coloring on the coffee filters (optional: use a little bit of water if you want to spread the food coloring), pinch in the center, and use the pipe cleaners to wrap around the center and create the butterfly’s body.

Popsicle Stick Rainbows

Use colored popsicle sticks, cotton balls, and paper to create popsicle stick rainbows. Cut a cloud shape out of your piece of paper then glue the cotton balls onto the white paper to create your fluffy cloud. Arrange your popsicle sticks into a rainbow and glue the cloud onto the top of the popsicle sticks.

Balloon Farm Animals

Use construction paper, balloons, and glue to create balloon farm animals. Draw out the features of your animal’s face on your construction paper, cut out the shapes, arrange them how you want them, then glue them together. Blow up your balloon. Glue your animal’s face onto the balloon.

Sensory Bottle

Use water, food dye, and glitter to create a sensory bottle. You can use an old water bottle or juice bottle for the sensory bottle. Pour in your glitter, add the water, and add food dye to change the color of the water. You can also use sand, beads, a little bit of oil, or tiny rocks. For safety, you can glue the lid onto the bottle with super glue or hot glue.

Paper Plate Snakes

Use a paper plate, paint, and construction paper to create paper plate snakes. Paint your plate whatever color you’d like your snake to be. With pink or red construction paper, cut out a tiny triangle or rectangle for the snake’s tongue. With black construction paper, cut out two small circles for the snake’s eyes (optional swap: use googly eyes or a marker). When the paint is dry, cut the plate into a spiral. At the very end (the center of the plate before you cut it), glue on your snake’s face.

Cardboard Flower Stamps

Use cardboard, glue or rubber bands, and paint to create cardboard flower stamps. Roll your piece of cardboard up tightly (like when you’re rolling up a rug or a sleeping bag), and use either glue or rubber bands to secure it. Now you’ve made your stamp! Dip it in paint and stamp it onto a piece of paper to create flowers. With green paint, you can paint the stems of the flowers.

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