Winter Time Gross Motor Activities

Gross motor activities are a fun way to teach your kids and get their bodies moving! During the winter, it can be harder to get outside and get your body moving. Here’s some fun activities you can do inside or outside during the winter:


  • Music and movement: put on some music and let your kids dance. You can show them fun dances to do or let them move however they like. They can add to the music or create their own music by clapping their hands and stomping their feet. Try playing Freeze Dance with your kids and practice listening skills while working on gross motor movement.
  • Action Cubes: create an action cube with a box and a marker. Make sure the box is taped close and draw arrows or actions on each side of the box. Roll the box like a dice and instruct the children to do whatever lands face up on the box.
  • Line Movements: using masking tape, create lines on the floor for the children to follow. These can be as fun as you want – zigzags, waves, straight lines, loops.
  • Simon Says: practice listening skills by teaching your children how to play Simon Says. Older children can practice taking turns by being Simon and giving the other children directions.
  • Yoga or stretching: this is a great cool down activity. There are multiple videos on YouTube that teach children how to do yoga – a great one for preschoolers is CosmicKids Yoga. If you want to limit screen time, model basic stretches and have the children follow along.
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