Trainings for Parents, Grandparents and Foster Parents

The Promise Resource Center offers many different trainings for all types of caregivers. Trainings are available on a wide range of topics such as basic parenting skills, behavior management, and parenting children with special needs. Follow-up in-home visits can be made to support skills learned within the classroom.

Intensive Individualized CoParenting Coaching Program

This program provides a series of four coaching sessions for the family. The sessions focus on key CoParenting concepts and are tailored to the individual family’s needs and areas of concern.

Co-Parenting For Success Class

This class is offered one Saturday per month. The class focuses on teaching parents about the impact of conflict on their child, effective communication and problem-solving skills, and techniques for working together to ensure optimal outcomes for their child.

Supervised Community Visitation Service

Supervised Visitation can be arranged to occur in the family’s home, agency office or in the community. Supervised visit notes are provided to DSS.

Parenting Assessment

This is a 2-session program, where the interventionist interviews the client, observes parent-child interactions, assists the parent in completing a child development screener, and the AAPI. An assessment report of parenting skills and areas of need is provided.