Ways to Minimize Your Stress This Holiday Season

If you already suffer from anxiety, you might be dreading the upcoming fall and winter holidays. Though many people relish the gifts, the time off from work, the opportunity to reconnect with family, others fear the loneliness, the social pressure, and the judgment of friends and family. If you fall more into the second category […]

Embracing a very COVID Christmas

Don’t let this almost yearlong (and counting) pandemic get you down this holiday season. Here is a fun, easy activity to do with children to fully embrace social distancing and to stay safe and healthy.


Ugly (Christmas) masks – A spin-off of the holiday favorite, Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

At this point I feel like we’re all in one of two categories when it comes to the face mask. It has either become an extension of you and you don’t even notice wearing it anymore, or you still roll your eyes every time you put it on. Either way, we’re still stuck wearing them and still could have to for some time to come. Why not make it festive and decorate your own?! Grab some green and red masks, glitter, tinsel, beads, etc. Add some hot glue and you’ve got yourself a Christmas mask! Your kids will love doing this activity with you!


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UPDATED 5/6/2020: Online resources for parents, educators, and businesses

Many of us are practicing “social distancing” and we can all agree that it is hard to separate ourselves from our friends, family and coworkers during such an uncertain time. Amidst the uncertainty, we have found several articles that we believe will benefit parents, educators, businesses and those seeking mental health advice.
Check out our list below! More links will be added as we find more helpful resources! Updates will be posted at the end of the page.


Child Care Face Covering Guidance (PDF)

Stress, Hope, and the Role of Science: Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Maryland Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Business


Teleworking 101: Finding the Balance for Productivity

Establishing a Routine (PDF)

Working from Home with Children


Mental Health while Practicing “Social Distancing”


Online Education Tools

UMDSPH_FMSC Resource for Children_ COVID-19 (PDF)




Child Care in Crisis Brief (PDF)


MDAEYC’s Maryland Child Care Crisis Brief (PDF)




Maryland Public Schools




Online Webinars Available

Thursday, April 30, 2020 | 2:00pm-3:00pm ET
Rubber Bands and Umbrellas! 5 Practical Strategies for Helping Parents Understand Risk Factors, Protective Factors and Resilience
Presented by Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D.
Parents and families play such a vital role in supporting the resilience of children. Join Dr. Nefertiti Poyner for this informational webinar, as she shares five practical strategies for how to speak with parents about the important concepts related to resilience. Each strategy will be something that can be utilized across different ages and in various settings. Let’s push past the jargon and often unfamiliar language, in order to help parents and families learn practical, everyday ideas to promote the resilience of children!

Abilities Network

 University of Maryland School of Social Work

A Conversation on Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health During COVID-19 (PDF)

Back to School Prep!