ART AND SCIENCE ACTIVITY: Ice Painting! Use this activity to explore color mixing, as well as exploring the changing states of matter from liquid to solid, and then back to liquid.

  • water mixed with a half cup of baking soda and then frozen till solid (the baking soda turns the water super white)
  • paint (in little containers)
  • paint brushes
  • paper towels (for clean up/wiping down ice)
  • To start you just paint your heart out onto the ice. Once the ice is covered in paint… rinse off the top of the ice quickly in the sink with cold water.
  • Then paint again.
  • Then rinse again… and paint again… and on and on until the ice is melted completely.
    It takes a little while to melt and is a great simple science activity for kids related to liquids, solids, and melting! My son made so many excellent science observations while we painted and the ice slowly turned from a solid back into a liquid.
    We also loved talking about colors and mixing them to make new ones. Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh is a fun book to read along with this activity.


Paint Mix