We offer a wide range of training topics and will work around training centers needs.

Are you looking to have training held at your center? We can help!
Active Supervision for Center Staff meets the Office of Childcare guidelines for supervision compliance.

One of the benefits of on-site training is the personalized nature of the instruction.
Trainers can tailor sessions to address the unique needs and challenges of each daycare center. An added benefit to on-site training is training cohesion. This allows all staff members to receive the same information and guidance, leading to more unified training for child care centers.

On-site training is convenient and cost-effective for daycare centers.
On-site training eliminates the need for staff to travel to training locations. This reduces the time and expenses associated with transportation and scheduling conflicts. This allows frequent and consistent training sessions to ensure staff members are up-to-date with regulations and training techniques.

Please contact our CCRC Director & Training Coordinator to inquire about our on-site training availability and pricing.

Emily Lynch
CCRC Director and Training Coordinator
240-528-228 ext. 114