CCRC helps parents find licensed child care providers and expert advice. CCRC offers training for child care professionals, and more with workshops, virtual training, site training and more. 

Southern Maryland’s Child Resource Center is a member of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding from Maryland State Department of Education through Maryland Family Network. Southern Maryland Child Care Resource Center supports families and children through educational programs and technical assistance for the child care provider community. For information on becoming a licensed child care provider, call Maryland State Department of Education’s local Office of Child Care at 301-333-6940. 

CCRC helps with child care training & support to parents, child care professionals and the community in the following ways:

  • Assists parents in locating licensed child care and with the MSDE Child Care Scholarship Program.
  • Provides technical assistance (information and expert advice) and resources for current and prospective child care providers in family child care homes and child care centers.
  • Collects data that documents the child care needs of families and employers as well as the child care delivery system.
  • Provides training for child care professionals and parents to expand their knowledge of early childhood and best child care practices.

Resources available through the CCRC are-

Provider Coach

Resource Room