With the health and safety of our guests in mind, we are committed to providing a clean environment. Please see the below expectations both by our guests and our staff members.

  • We are strictly following all CDC guidelines and orders from the State and Local health departments.
  • If you or anyone in your party does not feel well, please stay at home.
  • If you have traveled up to two weeks prior to the event to hotspot locations or states needing to quarantine, please stay home.
  • Outside food and beverages are permitted. Alcoholic beverages are strictly PROHIBITED.
  • Masks must be worn entering the event. After parking masks must be worn at all times when you are away from your vehicle.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times when you are not at your vehicle. Please do not congregate with other parties that did not come in your vehicle.
  • Restrooms will have limited capacity and will be cleaned frequently.
  • Please adhere to marked lines at the restroom to maintain distancing.
  • Staff and volunteers will wear masks at all times. Staff can be identified by The Promise Resource Center logo on the mask.
  • Sanitizer stations will be available for guest and staff use.
  • Staff temperatures will be taken prior to any work performed and will be sent home if they display any symptoms of COVID-19.


How will I hear the movie? We will have amplified concert-grade speakers for listening throughout the fairgrounds. In addition, we’ll also have FM transmitters to listen to the movie over any FM radio.

TIP: If you use your vehicle’s radio, be sure to turn your key to the Accessory position, not the Ignition/ON position, to conserve your car battery, and make sure your running headlights are turned off. Or, instead of using your car’s radio, bring a hand-held radio or download a radio application to your phone.

What happens if it rains? We will keep our Website and Facebook pages updated for any event changes due to weather. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled and all attendees should keep an eye on these pages for updates.

What time does the movie start? The movie will begin at sundown, or approximately 7:00pm.

Will I be able to park next to my friends, who are also claiming a vehicle pass? Parking is first-come, first served, so we encourage you to either carpool or arrive at the same time. No parking spaces will be reserved or held open. Please note that parking is arranged by vehicle height so you may not be able to park next to friends in a different sized vehicle. We ask that guests do not congregate with other parties that did not arrive in the same vehicle.

Can I sit outside my car, in lawn chairs, on a blanket, on the roof? You are welcome to sit outside your vehicle, in lawn chairs or on blankets, but we ask that you’re careful not to over-extend your parking area into another parking space. This is for safety reasons, as an approaching vehicle might not see you or your children sitting on the ground. Over extending your parking space also violates social distancing rules. You may not sit on the roof of your vehicle for safety concerns as well as the obstruction of the view of patrons behind you.

Can I open my hatch back? Hatch backs should be raised no higher than the top of your vehicle (level with your roof). If your hatch opens above your roofline, this will block the view of others. You are responsible for keeping it lowered using a rope, bungee cord, or other similar method.

I have a pickup truck or minivan, can I park backwards and sit in the back to watch the movie? Yes, HOWEVER please conform to all of the other rules. For example, if you bring high chairs and sit in the bed of the pick-up truck, you may be sitting higher than the top clearance of your vehicle, which would interfere with other’s views of the movie.

Can I bring my own food and drinks? Because of safety and health concerns, this year we are permitting outside food and beverages to be brought into the fairgrounds. Trash cans will be available around the fairgrounds. Alcohol is strictly PROHIBITED.

What if I’m running late or need to leave early?Due to the number of small children at this event, the Drive-In parking entry gate will close at 7:30pm and we discourage attendees from leaving early. In the event you need to leave early, please be courteous to other guests by leaving your headlights off until you are through the exit gate.

Are pets allowed?Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at this event.