Art Activity: Glowing Campfire


Materials for Glowing Campfire Craft

Directions for Glowing Campfire Craft

1. Work on fine motor skills by cutting your tissue paper up into little squares.

2. Scrunch up a piece of tissue paper and glue it to the outside of a clear, plastic cup.

3. Continue until the entire cup is covered.

4. As your tissue paper is drying, make a marshmallow roasting stick by gluing a cotton ball onto the end of a twig or thin craft stick.

5. Add some logs to your campfire by cutting strips of brown construction paper. Use a brown marker or crayon to add some details to your logs.

Now it’s time to set up your campfire! Start by setting up your logs. Place your LED tea light on top the logs and then put your tissue paper cup over the light.

Go somewhere dark and watch it glow. It looks just like a real campfire!

This is a great activity to talk about summer activities like camping, the importance of fire safety, and could even be used as a nightlight!