YELL Into a Cup: Dealing with Anger

Sometimes when we feel angry or frustrated our voices get louder and we want to yell at other people. Instead, teach your child to yell loudly into a cup to work out angry feelings. That way, the noise won’t bother anyone, and your child will feel better!

Why is it so important for kids to let their anger out instead of holding it in?

Repression is the opposite of Expression. Repressed anger is one of the most dangerous emotions to be sitting and boiling inside your mind. It can give rise to many physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, stomach sickness, headaches, and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

For more skills and tips about dealing with anger, frustration, sadness, and more, stop by our resource room and ask the ladies in the front office to help you find some tools to help the children in your care learn to identify and control their emotions.