Memorial Day Craft: Pom Pom American Flag

Looking for a craft for this Memorial Day? This will keep the younger kids entertained for a bit this weekend (or Monday afternoon)! Work on fine motor skills by having the children grasp clothes pins and stamp paint with pompoms in the shape of the American Flag!

ead4d4c63ae45ecf1121b0b8a6fd24c2Things you will need:

  • White Construction Paper/ Cardstock
  • Red, White, and Blue Paint
  • Cotton Balls or Pom Poms
  • Clothes Pins/ Chip Clips (to keep fingers from getting paint on them)

Start by clipping each of the cotton balls or pom poms onto a clothes pin. Dip into whatever color you will start with. Stamp paint from ball to paper in a stripe (or square shape–if you’re starting with the star corner). Keep dipping and transferring paint until you’ve got an American Flag!

This is such a cool homemade craft that can be given to a relative/friend in the military or to someone who may have lost a loved one in the military.

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