Snack Time Math



Visualizing numbers can be one of the best ways to learn simple math solutions. By using snack foods, most kids will become engaged because 1) they love to play with food, and 2) They probably get to actually eat the food once their task is complete! Younger children can work on establishing a one-to-one correspondence with their snacks.Using healthy but yummy snacks like popcorn, honey nut cheerios, and low sugar gummies will get them counting in no time! For older kids, you can create patterned charts using different colored candies (like skittles) or work on geometry with pretzel sticks and Cheeze-It crackers! Check out a few of the printables below to give you some ideas on how to make math time into snack time!

Free Math Printable

Counting Goldfish Printable

Skittles Graph

Don’t forget we can print these sheets and laminate them for you! Only $1.50 per foot of laminated material. 

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