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Summer Heat Tips

Did you know that kids can lose more than 2% of their body weight in sweat before they even realize they are thirsty?! It’s up to parents and caregivers to remind children of the dangers of heat. Most kids don’t realize the effects of sun and heat exposure until heat exhaustion has already set in. Because it should always be left to a supervising adult to determine the danger and risk of heat exposure, please bear in mind the following heat related tips!

Tip # 1. Minimize sun exposure.

Tip #2. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water.

Tip #3. Check with your child care provider or camp host about heat index policies associated with outdoor play. 

Tip #4. If possible, stay indoors and in air-conditioned areas.

Tip #5. Wear loose, well-ventilated clothing.

Tip #6. Encourage children to eat water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Tip #7. Have cold compresses ready for use after the kids come inside.

Tip #8. Keep in mind, with excessive heat usually comes severe storms. Check your local radar often-especially when playing in the pool or enjoying other water activities.

Tip #7. Know the signs of heat exhaustion & heat stroke (see photo below).

Signs of Heat Stroke

For more tips on assessing heat safety (especially when it comes to children playing outside), check out this website!

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