Sea Life Sensory Solutions

Who couldn’t use a little calm in their life?! I have often provided the, Sea Life Sensory Solutions, resource to parents and childcare providers I work with. It can be used with kids ages 1 and up. This week I decided to introduce the Puffer Fish Puff, Clam Cuddle, Turtle Tongue, and Starfish Stretch to my toddler. I have modeled for him how to do each sea creature, and throughout the day I will prompt him to do the turtle tongue or sea creature of his choice to practice. During a moment of frustration, I have demonstrated using one of the skills to calm myself down. He seems to favor the turtle tongue and starfish stretch. I will name the skill I am doing as I am doing it, so he doesn’t think I am upset and just sticking my tongue out at him. A revision of the turtle tongue could be a turtle tuck, where you pretend to tuck into your shell. I am entertained by him doing all of them, and honestly when I do them it makes me laugh. Next week we will work on using the skills when he is starting to get frustrated.

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