Dinosaur Paint and Bath

It is one of those weeks where I am feeling a little burned out with adulting in general. Momma needs a hiatus. It’s Friday, and I just wanted something to occupy my toddler for a while. I looked outside on our deck, and I saw an invasion of dinosaurs and sea creatures strewn about. Ha! Idea! The toys are filthy and need a bath. That should motivate my toddler to pick them up. Who doesn’t like a little water play?! Might as well add some painting before cleaning the dinosaurs that way both my toddler and the dinosaurs get cleaned up. I put some dirty dinosaurs in a container of ice, then provided my toddler with paint. He loved painting the dinosaurs. After he was done painting, we put all the toys and paint brushes in a tub of soapy water, and I let him have at it. Naturally, he did want to get in the container with the dinosaurs.

We talked about how it was just a bath for dinosaurs, and he could have his bath later. If we were outside or using the bathtub it wouldn’t have mattered to me. You do what works best for you. Explain your rules before doing the activity. Expect there to be soapy water outside of the container. I needed to clean the floors, so I didn’t worry about it. I added some links below that talk about the different activities you can do.



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