Is it a struggle to get sunscreen on your children?

Do you find your kids fight you when it’s time to put sunscreen on? I know my daughter hates it almost as much as I hate trying to rub into her skin. Here’s a fun activity you can do with your kids to teach them the importance of sun protection:

All you need is sunscreen (SPF of your choice), a paint brush, and black construction paper. You kids can then paint a picture using the sunscreen! Lay it out in the sun and come back later to check on it. Your kids will see where they painted is where the paper was protected and not faded by the sun.

A fun variation you can do is experiment with several different SPFs to see the different protection levels. You can also teach about the importance of reapplying by painting back over some of the pictures throughout the day, and not painting over others to show protection levels. Have your kids tally guesses on which pictures will stay protected!


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