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St. Patrick’s Day Facts to Share with Your Preschoolers!

These St. Patrick’s Day preschool facts are basic, and easy to build a theme around. If you need some background information, or just want to sharpen your knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day, these fun facts will get you started.


Why is it that we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, anyway?

It turns out that was the day St. Patrick died. He was born in 385 AD and died on March 17, 460 AD. Born in the Welsh town of Banwen, St. Patrick was actually from Britain. He wasn’t even Irish, believe it or not!

What’s with the parades?

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was in Boston, not Ireland, in 1737. Your preschoolers might enjoy having a parade to display their “wearing of the green” on St. Patrick’s Day.

Are there snakes in Ireland?

St. Patrick was said to have driven out all the snakes from Ireland. To this day, there are no snakes on the Emerald Isle, but it turns out that snakes have never been indigenous to Ireland, due to the cold waters that surround the island. Since snakes are cold-blooded creatures, they could never make the swim! Many people say that St. Patrick drove out pagan influences, and therefore, the word “snakes” was symbolic.

What’s a Leprechaun?

Leprechauns are a part of old Irish legend. They are said to be shoemakers. Irish legends say that if you spot a leprechaun, he will have to tell you where his pot of gold can be found. There are many fables surrounding these playful, mythical creatures. Share one with your preschoolers and watch how delighted they become!

Are you wearing green?

People wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. This is because the color green is Ireland’s national color. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because of the rich, green landscapes, brought about by frequent rains.


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