What To Do With Leftover Easter Candy

Did you know that Easter regularly beats out all other holidays (including Halloween) in candy sales?! Sometimes it can feel like the candy will never go away after Easter has come and gone! Here are a few ways to get rid of the candy–without dumping it straight into the trash, that may actually turn into an educational activity.

  1. Create a sink or float test. Have your kids hypothesize if they think certain chocolate candies will sink or float in a bowl of room temperature water. **Spoiler Alert** Milky Way, Kit Kats, and 3 Musketeers usually float!
  2. Put M&M’s and Skittles in a bowl of water and watch the colors and letters run off of the candy.
  3. Paint with Jelly Beans. Place jelly beans on a thick piece of paper (one that can get wet). Use a spray bottle with water to spray the beans. As the color “melts” off of the jelly beans, your artwork will begin to show. The more you spray a bean, the richer the color will be on the paper.
  4. Use the Switch Witch Method. Around Halloween, the switch witch likes to switch Halloween candy for a small toy. You may want to think of a clever name for the Easter version. Maybe the “Thiefster Bunny”?
  5. Donate–there are several donation programs for unused, individual wrapped candy. Here is one called Operation Gratitude. They send care packages to troops overseas.

Good luck dumping that candy! Why does that darn Easter Bunny bring so much candy in the first place?! 😉

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