Winter Science Experiment: Snow Volcano!

Southern Maryland is finally getting some snow this season! Here is an activity EXPLODING with fun for your next snow day.


In a plastic cup or container add:

2TBSP of dish soap

Food coloring of your choice (optional, but way more fun)

½ cup of baking soda

1-2TBSP of warm water


Place your cup in the snow and begin to form the snow around the cup all the way to the top, leaving an opening at the top like a volcano would have. Add white vinegar to the cup and watch your volcano erupt!!!


*This activity can also be done with a bottle of soda and Mentos candy. Surround a freshly opened bottle of soda (I recommend a 2Liter bottle) with snow leaving an opening at the top and add Mentos candy to the bottle. Be sure to move out of the way QUICKLY, as the chemical reaction erupts very fast and can be quite messy.

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